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Moira has been travelling the world since 2003 photographing and documenting people and their cultures, whilst focusing on building strong relations and friendships with the people she meets. Moira is passionate about her photography and travel which makes her the perfect person to run these tours, as she likes nothing more than sharing her expertise in photography, travel and adventure. Her talent for meticulous planning, enthusiasm and irrepressible spirit all combine to make her an inspiring and informed guide on any expedition.
Moira’s images are filled with compassion for her subjects and an innate love for the natural surroundings. Even in areas of poverty and hardship, Moira has a profound gift for extracting great optimism. Very little editing is done to her images, with just minor adjustments and some with exposure settings changed. This is where her love for documentary photography comes in, seeing it and presenting it as it is.
Throughout the years she has volunteered her time to take images in Third World countries. This work has seen her capture numerous images for Concern Worldwide, working alongside some of the top dignitaries such as Kofi Annan (7th Secretary-General to the United Nations), Mary MacAleese and Mary Robinson (former Irish Presidents).
Since then her photography has taken her across 7 Continents in 10 years. From exploring emerald mines in Colombia to diving with great white sharks in South Africa, from research stations in the Antarctic to orphans in South America, Moira’s images involve us in her journey.
Her work focuses strongly on ethical and respectful photography. It is important to her, to pass on her knowledge as photographers on how we should respect cultural beliefs and personal privacy.
When she is not out taking photos Moira works as a Production Manager and Researcher in Film and Documentary.

• Travel Feature Editor for Digital Camera & Image (South Africa) magazine. Articles covered why she travelled to these destinations, what equipment she used and how they performed.


Moira has had two major exhibitions.
• Melbourne Australia – LIFE IN FOCUS – 7 Continents in 10 Years.
• Dublin, Ireland – SOLACE.

Moira has also featured in:
• The Laurent Gallery in Melbourne – Dramatic Black & White Exhibition
• The Hinterland Gallery in Vienna – Borders Exhibition
• The Blank Wall Gallery in Athens – Your Shot Exhibition
• The Valid World Hall in Barcelona - Dramatic Lighting


Ronan is a documentary cameraman with 30 years of experience filming all over the globe. His work has brought him throughout Australasia, the Americas, Africa and Europe. From Social Issue documentaries in Cameroon, Israel, Albania and Nicaragua to travel and TV shows in Africa, China and Scandinavia to biography films in America and all over Europe, Ronan has amassed an extensive collection of photography along the way. Working with both film and digital, he is particularly drawn to photographing people. From Masai in their huts in Kenya, villagers on a banana plantation in Costa Rica to boxers in training in Boston and prisoners incarcerated in Moscow, Ronan has often spent hours on assignment with the people that he’s to photograph before he picks up the camera. He believes in investing time with his subjects, affording him an opportunity to get to know them, and invaluably, for them to learn that they can place their trust in him.

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